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IWEA 2020 Conference

21st - 24th September

Virtual Event

Our 2020 Annual Conference will now take place – virtually – over four days from Monday 21 September to Thursday 24 September, followed by a face-to-face social event on Friday 25 September.

Pivotal time
This year’s conference will take place at a pivotal time for our industry. Wind energy provided almost half of our electricity in the first three months of the year so we are on course to reach our 2020 renewable electricity target.
And soon our 4.2 GW onshore will be joined by a growing number of offshore projects as the Government moves ahead with consultations on planning and grid while underlining its commitment to offshore wind in the new Programme for Government.

That promise to reduce our carbon emissions by an average of 7 per cent a year to 2030 puts wind energy at the heart of Ireland’s energy transformation. But promises need to be followed through. Our Annual Conference will bring together Ireland’s key energy decisionmakers and some of the most insightful international guests to discuss how we ensure the promise made by our new Government to the Irish people can be fulfilled.

Virtual Conference
This year our conference will be very different as we are going virtual to ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent Covid transmission. But going virtual gives us the opportunity to organise more sessions to better cater to your interests, to make the conference a more interactive experience, to more easily bring in international experts to share their thoughts with you and Ireland’s other leading energy experts.

How can we reform the planning system to develop projects more quickly? What will an energy market look like with 70 per cent renewables? Will we be able to cut levels of constraints and curtailment? And what can we learn from the first RESS auction? How do we make 30 GW of wind energy for Europe a reality? Be a part of finding the answers.

The Exhibition

We have a dedicated page for the hosting of exhibitors. The platform enables exhibitors to host an Exhibitor Profile Page that includes facilities to showcase your products by way of video content and PDF documents. Exhibitors can connect with other delegates in real-time through text, audio and video calls. There is also the facility to host a breakout room for multiple delegates to come and join you on the day to chat with you in a group setting or one of your company representative can chat with delegates privately in one to one video calls. 


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Registration is now open and Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time. Early Bird rates will close on 13th August. Whether you want to attend the entire conference or if you are more interested in the content of a specific day, we have a variety of tickets available to book.

To ensure the smooth running of this event and to allow all participants access to the online platform on the day, all registrations will be done through the virtual platform.  All delegates are required to pay their registration in full, by credit card, prior to attendance at the conference. There will be no facility to pay by invoice, but all payments will receive a full VAT invoice within a couple of days of payment.   

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This year the 2020 IWEA conference will take place virtually over 4 days from the 21st to the 24th September. A full agenda will be available over the coming weeks and here is a taster for each day of the conference which will have separate themes. These are:

  • Day 1: Ireland’s Energy Vision: We will discuss how Ireland can deliver both the domestic target of 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and our new international target of exporting 30 GW of wind energy to the EU.
    • There will be a keynote panel session focusing on Preparing for 70by30 with leading industry speakers from EirGrid, ESB Networks, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities and more yet to be announced.
    • This will be followed by two parallel sessions on how wind energy can contribute beyond the traditional electricity sector and help decarbonise other sectors such as heating & transport, and how wind energy in Ireland can contribute beyond Ireland itself - looking towards our export potential for decarbonising the European Grid and the 30GW referenced in the Programme for Government.
  • Day 2: Onshore wind: Ireland now has the highest share of onshore wind in the world. We will look at how we reached this milestone, explore the ongoing challenges of maintaining our current record-breaking fleet and also identify how Ireland can double its onshore capacity over the next decade as required under current government policy.
    • We’ll be tackling these challenges across four sessions focused on Planning, Grid, Markets and Delivery. At these sessions you’ll learn more about:
      • The latest status of the Wind Energy Guidelines;
      • Lessons learned in going public with projects;
      • What to expect from ECP-2 this autumn;
      • How successful was RESS 1 and what are the next steps for RESS2;
      • How does Ireland’s electricity market need to evolve; and
      • How to deliver projects in time for RESS 1 milestones.
  • Day 3: Offshore wind: Ireland has an enormous offshore wind resource that and is now determined to utilise that resource, not only to decarbonise the Irish energy sector but to contribute to a low-carbon European energy sector also. We will discuss the huge ambition that is building around offshore wind in Ireland and how this can be delivered.
    • Find out more on what is driving the offshore industry in Ireland through four sessions on Planning, Grid, Markets and Delivery & Supply Chain. At these sessions you’ll learn more about:
      • The progress of the MPDM Bill and the future of consenting for offshore wind;
      • Learnings from carrying out EIAs for offshore wind projects;
      • Progress towards an offshore grid delivery model following DCCAE’s recent consultations;
      • What does RESS for offshore look like and what can we learn from international auction experiences; and
      • How can we enable the growth of a thriving indigenous offshore wind industry in Ireland through our ports and enterprise hubs.
  • Day 4: Integrating Wind: Being #1 in onshore wind globally is even more significant considering Ireland has a very isolated power system on the west of Europe. We will showcase how Ireland has led the way globally on the integration of wind power and outline how we will continue to do so over the next decade as we move to 70% renewables by 2030.
    • Find out how Ireland has become a global success story for integrating variable renewables onto the power system through four sessions over the day featuring global speakers on topics such as advanced Market Design and Operation, Minimising Dispatch Down and DS3, and Harnessing Demand Response & Interconnection. At these sessions you’ll learn more about:
      • Designing a market to accommodate 75% SNSP and beyond;
      • How Ireland’s electricity markets need to evolve for new technologies;
      • The success of the DS3 programme and what’s next for integrating renewables;
      • How energy storage will be central to our 2030 ambitions;
      • Rolling out smart solutions for the transmission and distribution system;
      • The roll of demand response in moving towards 70% renewables; and
      • How greater interconnection will allow Ireland’s export potential to materialise.

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