IWEA welcomes Climate Action Committee report

29 Mar 2019

Ireland’s leading renewable energy group, the Irish Wind Energy Association, has welcomed yesterday’s publication of the Report of the Joint Committee on Climate Action.

Dr David Connolly, CEO of the Irish Wind Energy Association, said: “The committee’s report is a blueprint setting how we build a low-carbon energy system in Ireland.

“Creating a cross-party consensus to support a target that 70 per cent of our electricity should come from renewables by 2030 is an essential first step in turning Ireland into a leader in the fight against climate change.

“The committee’s support for wind energy, and particularly for more rapid progress in supporting industry to develop our offshore wind resources, is recognition of the importance of Ireland’s primary renewable energy source.

“It is also positive to see the importance the committee placed on enabling communities to be more involved with recommendations around community benefit and opportunities for local people to invest in projects in their area.”             

In 2018 wind energy provided 29 per cent of Ireland’s electricity. This is the second highest share in the world and the highest from onshore wind.

Wind provides 84 per cent of the country’s renewable power generation, cutting CO2 emissions by 2.7 million tonnes every year and reducing fossil fuel imports by €220 million in 2017 alone.