KFM Radio - Discussion on new survey which shows majority polled are supportive of wind energy

08 Jan 2020

Discussion on survey results which show the majority of people polled back wind energy. Our CEO Dr David Connolly joined Ciara Plunkett on Kildare Focus.

Part One 

Part Two



Key findings

  • 79 per cent in favour of wind energy (52 per cent strongly in favour);
  • 79 per cent of rural residents back wind energy (48 per cent strongly in favour);
  • Only four per cent of respondents oppose wind energy (2 per cent strongly oppose);
  • Just over half – 55 per cent – of respondents would support a wind farm being developed in their area;
  • A majority of those polled – 55 per cent – said climate change would greatly or somewhat influence how they vote in the next election;
  • Top five reasons for supporting wind energy identified as ‘Helps environment’, ‘Readily available energy’, ‘Renewable energy’, ‘Addressing climate change’ and ‘Cost efficiencies’.