EU Clean Energy Package

Location: Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley
Duration: 1 Day
Course Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2019
Course Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Cost
Company Member: €350
Non Company Member: €500

Course Overview

The aim of the programme is to provide participants with a detailed understanding of the Clean Energy Package's provisions relating to renewable energy, particularly wind energy.

The focus will be on analysing the key provisions in the Renewables Directive, Governance Regulation and Electricity Regulation, as approved by the EU institutions during 2018. A specific session will be included on system issues, notably the dispatch and redispatch provisions in Art. 12/13 of the Electricity Regulation.

The workshop will also examine the process for implementing the legislation in Ireland and the wider EU and will aim to identify the major impacts and issues of concern for the Irish wind energy sector.

A concluding session will discuss future action for IWEA in relation to implementation of the Package in Ireland.

Course Content

The sessions will be interactive and will aim to promote discussion of the major issues for the Irish wind energy sector. Participants will be provided with a slide-based analysis of each of the major topics within the Package, a summary of the main provisions, and weblinks to the final legislative texts.


  • The general philosophy of the CEP Communication and legislation
  • The eight pieces of legislation in the CEP
  • Lessons learned from the 2009 Renewables Directive
  • Policy priorities of the European Commission, Council of Ministers and European Parliament
  • Major issues in the negotiations
  • The timetable and process for implementation

The Revised Renewables Directive

  • The EU targets
  • Support schemes and cross-border access
  • Permitting
  • Regional Energy Communities
  • Self-Consumers
  • Guarantees of Origin
  • Heating & cooling sectors
  • Transport (electrification)

The Governance Regulation

  • 2030 Framework
  • National Energy & Climate Plans
  • Renewable target trajectories and monitoring
  • Gap filler provisions
  • Renewable investment platform 

Electricity Regulation

  • Balancing responsibility
  • Priority access and dispatch
  • Redispatch (Art.13): EU objectives, curtailment compensation, consistency across EU, implementation process
  • Energy Communities
  • Network Codes
  • The DSO body

Related Policy Areas

  • Summary of other elements of the Package
  • State Aid Guidelines 2014-20
  • EU infrastructure policy - PCIs etc
  • Regional initiatives, e.g. the NSCOGI

Implementation of the Package

  • Role of the European Commission
  • Role of national governments and NRAs
  • ACER and ENTSO-E
  • Scope and routes for trade associations and market players to influence implementation
  • Legislative review

Course Trainers

Gwyn has recently retired as Head of European Affairs at Energy UK and has 25 years’ experience in EU lobbying and representation.
Chairman of EURELECTRIC Energy Policy WG from 2000 to 2012 (led on 2009 Renewables Directive)
Chairman of EURELECTRIC Conventional Generation WG 2012 to 2018 Member of EURELECTRIC Energy Policy & Generation Committee (leads on current draft Renewables Directive and Governance Regulation)
Gywn is also adviser to the Energy UK European Committee and Renewable Energy Committee.
Gwyn is a regular speaker at international conferences and European Commission energy fora