**Course Full** Diploma in Management TU Dublin/Ibec

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Location: Dublin, Limerick, Donegal
Duration: Oct 19-April 20 (12 Days)
Course Date: Tuesday, 01 October 2019
Course Cost
Company Member: €2300
Non Company Member: €3300

Course Overview

The primary objective of the Diploma in Management (12 day) programmeis to deliver an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals involved in the management of others, gaining practical experience in the developmentof core skills in this area.

The programme will offer participants the opportunity to learn more about their own management style, how best to lead and motivate others and best practice in this area.

Course Objectives

  • Develop an awareness of the human factors in the business environment and how individual differences (e.g. attitudes) impact onorganisational performance
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of their style of leadership/ management and how this impacts on others
  • Develop an integrated theoretical and practical perspective onManagement and Leadership
  • Understand how to assign responsibilities, delegate and empowerothers and monitor progress effectively
  • Develop active listening and communication skills Be able to deal with conflict in a more assertive and collaborative manner

Who should attend

This diploma is for participants who are looking to improve their knowledge and skills in the management area, whilst gaining an accredited qualification.

Course Content

Module 1 - (8 Days)

Organisational Behaviour – (2 Days)

  • The meaning and importance of organisational behaviour
  • The historical roots and emergence of organisational behaviour theory
  • Contemporary organisational behaviour
  • Context and managerial perspectives on organisational behaviour

Communications in Organisations – (1 Day)

  • The nature of communications in organisations
  • Methods of communications
  • The communications process
  • Managing communications

Performance Management – (2 Days)

  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Performance management in organisation
  • Individual rewards in organisations
  • Managing reward systems

Corporate Leadership – (2 Days)

  • The nature of leadership
  • Early approaches to leadership
  • The LPC theory of leadership
  • The Path-Goal theory of leadership

Strategic Management – (1 Day)

  • Definitions of strategy
  • Perspectives and shifts on strategy
  • Steps in a formal strategic management process
  • Identifying the key tasks of a strategic manager
  • Identification of problems with strategy formulation and implementation
  • The link between strategy and structure

Module 2 - (2 Days)

Finance for Managers (2 Days)

  • The basics of accounting
  • Accounting concepts

Module 3 – (2 Days)

Employment Law (2 Days)

  • Contracts of employment
  • Grievances
  • Equality legislation
  • Discipline & Dismissals
  • Protective leave
  • Bullying & Harassment

Course Certification

Diploma from Technological University Dublin/IBEC