Cyber Security Awareness at Home - What you need to know.

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Location: Online - Register Anytime
Duration: 1.5 hours
Course Date: Sunday, 24 May 2020
Course Time: On Demand
Course Cost
Company Member: €20
Non Company Member: €80

Course Overview


Most of our members are currently working  from home due to covid-19 risk and this could cause business risk from Cyber Security. In today’s unprecedented context, a cyberattack that deprives organizations or families of access to their devices, data or the internet could be devastating.

What is cybersecurity awareness? It's not just knowledge. ... Security awareness is knowledge combined with attitudes and behaviors that serve to protect our information assets.
Being cybersecurity aware means you understand what the threats are and you take the right steps to prevent them especially in present times.

This course will give you best practice in cyber security when working from home.

Course Content


Module 1 - Importance of Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security at Home
  • How vunerable is your home
  • Importance of being techincal in you approach
  • Technical terms you should be aware of
  • Don't just plug it in

Module 2 Authentication Factors and Importance of Passwords

  • What is multi-factor authentication?
  • Whats the secret password?
  • Is your account safe?
  • Strenght of your password
  • Managing passwords

Module 3 - Safeguarding E-mails

  • How safe is your email account?
  • How to make your email secure
  • Create multiple email accounts
  • Managing Spam

Module 4 - Securing your Smartphone

  • Are you as smart as your phone?
  • Managing your Apps
  • Tips to keep your smartphone safe
  • Activate remote device locator for your smartphone

Module 5 - Virtual Private Networks

  • An introduction to Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)
  • Benefits of using VPN
  • What is a VPN and how does it work?
  • How it works for you
  • VPN can make you internet slow
  • Connecting a VPN through your wireless route
  • VPN's and SMART TV
  • Remind me....... why should I use a VPN?
  • VPN does not make you anonymous

Module 6 - The Internet of Things (IOT)

  • What is IOT?
  • How does IOT work?
  • Protecting IOT systems and devices

Module 7 - Staying Safe on Social Media

  • Connecting on Social Media 
  • Are my social networks safe
  • Oversharing and identity theft 
  • Stay protected against third party apps
  • Fake profiles on social media

Module 8 - Lets go Online Shopping!

  • Understanding your online shopping habits
  • Scope for identity theft
  • Choosing a reliable online store
  • What to do if one of your online accounts is hacked
  • How can I tell if my payments are safe?
  • How can you secure your online transactions as much as possible?
  • Periodically monitor your transactions and bank account activity

Module 9 - Phishing

  • An introduction to phishing
  • How does phishing work?
  • Types of phishing
  • What a phishing email looks like

Module 10 - Ransomware

  • An introduction to ransomware
  • Ransomware vs viruses
  • Types of Ransomeware
  • How ransomeware infects your PC
  • How do you know if your're infected?
  • Ransomeware prevention tips 
  • To pay or not to pay the ransom?

Module 11 - Safeguarding WIFI networks

  • Wi-Fi networks and cybersecurity
  • What is a home wireless network?
  • Types of Wireless Networks 
  • Protecting your wireless network
  • Try to avoid public wi-fi
  • Staying safe on public wireless networks

Module 12 - Safeguarding Smart TV's

  • Introduction to Smart TV's 
  • Smart TV's can spy on their owners
  • What happens when a cyber criminal accesses your smart TV?
  • Smart TV's are privare property - No entry!
  • How to protect your smart TV from cyber criminals
  • Turning off smart TV tracking
  • How to disable Ad tracking on set-top boxes.

Module 13 - Some Extra Tips

  • Don't wait for bad things to happen - some useful tips