Recording and Slides from Negative Pricing and Energy Balancing for RESS Workshop

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Course Overview

Please use the registration link below to access the slides from this workshop which took place on the 09.07.20. Once you have registered we will send you a link to our Moodle system which will give you access to the slides and recordings.

With the government of Ireland aiming for 70% renewable generation by 2030, there will be an increasingly large portion of time when electricity market prices will be zero or negative under the current market design as we move towards 2030 and beyond.

With the RESS 1 auction taking place this summer, there is an increasing need amongst the renewable industry to gauge the scale and duration of negative price periods which could potentially be seen in the All-Island market over the duration of a RESS contract.

IWEA & GreenTech Skillnet have commissioned Baringa to assess the impact of negative pricing in the All-Island electricity market over the course of this period and are investigating market prices during sample years of 2025, 2030 and 2035.

Baringa will present the results of their analysis investigating the number, duration and magnitude of negative price hours in the All-Island market. The analysis will also consider several sensitivities such as the implications the recent SEM Committee consultation on Priority Dispatch, and what this means for renewables bidding into the market, and what happens if there is a hard Brexit and day-ahead coupling between SEM and Great Britain ceases.


Course Trainers

The workshop will be delivered by Baringa’s Mark Turner and Adrian Palmer, and moderated by Noel Cunniffe, Head of Policy in IWEA.