Grid Connections in Ireland (Wind and Solar)

Course Date: Tuesday, 08 May 2018
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Course Overview

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Training Course 

Grid Connections in Ireland (Wind and Solar)


8th May 2018

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MullanGrid Consulting

Course Outline:

The connection offer process in Ireland is going through major changes as it moves to a planning permission led system. This will allow new renewable generators to receive connection offers. This course provides an overview of the new connection offer processes and through examples demonstrates how connection policy will be applied to these connection applications going forward.

Who Should Attend: 

This course is designed for developers, consultants, legal advisors, financial investors, equipment suppliers and contractors for new renewable generation projects in Ireland.

Course Objectives:
  • Background on the operation of the Irish Electricity System

  • Gain understanding of the new connection offer process in Ireland

  • Gain understanding of connection policies to determine connection method, connection costs and ongoing grid factors and costs.

  • Gain understanding of the connection offer documentation

Course Content:
  • The Irish Electricity system and its operation

  • Generation on the Irish Electricity System

  •  Connection Offer Process - ECP1 and beyond

  • Dedicated and shared connection examples

  • Ongoing grid costs and factors • Overview of Constraint and Curtailment


Company Member €250, Non Company Member €350