Tools For Schools on Wind Energy

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Wind Farm Visits for Schools/Groups

Would you like to visit a wind farm and find out more about this renewable, green energy source? Wind farms across the country have open days, guided tours, walks and family days.

To get in touch with the wind farm you would like to visit click on the interactive map here to find contact details for your nearest.


Recent Visits


School visit with LearnRenewables – Kildare April 2019 

Primary students in this Naas school were visited by LearnRenwables (a community education organisation based in Dundalk IT)  in April. The students worked together to build model turbines and discussed the role of renewable energy in Ireland, its role in climate change and the potential to produce clean energy for their homes and school.

The visit was sponsored by the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA).

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School Visit with LearnRenewables – Donegal March 2019

Students from Donegal had a visit from LearnRenewables in March. Over 100 students saw first hand the potential power of wind energy and its role in tackling climate change.

This visit was sponsored by Energia #powerbehindyourpower


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Children from Brannockstown National School, Kildare visit Mountlucas wind farm in Offaly in January.


IWEA Education children visit Mountlucas wind farm in OffalyIWEA Education children visit Mountlucas wind farm in OffalyIWEA Education children visit Mountlucas wind farm in Offalyvisit 1 4IWEA Education children visit Mountlucas wind farm in Offaly



Students from Naas Community National School visited Mount Lucas Wind Farm in Offaly in December as part of their lesson on green energy.

Below are some of their images from the day as well as a Video Link of the trip